Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1)

Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1) The ADCarry role might be the easiest role in League of Legends someone can learn, but it’s the hardest role to master since it has a duo lane that he has to synergies with. In this article we will be talking about Top Marksmen of Season 5; Exposing the most important strengths and weaknesses that they have to offer. Caitlyn Laning phase: Caitlyn can easily control the lane by abusing her long range attacks and skills(Piltover Peacemaker “Q” , Ace in the Hole “R”) . She can use traps (Yordle Snap Trap “W”) to control certain areas of the lane and she has a backward dash with slow (90 Caliber Net “E”) which helps her to get away from bad trades, these abilities make her one of the best ADC in laning phase. She doesn’t have bad matchups since she can’t be outranged ...


Pressing advantages in the bottom lane

When playing bottom lane you need to be very aware of when you have an advantage on your opponents. A 2v2 makes it inherently easier to get the most out of being ahead. In this article we will look at four clearly distinct types of advantages in the bottom lane 2v2: summoner spell advantage, health advantage, gold advantage and item advantage. Level advantage has already been covered in a previous article ("Planning the Lane Phase"). Summoner spell advantage is an obvious one, you have this advantage when your summoners are up and your enemies aren't. How do you press a summoner spell advantage? Easy, by fighting. Having summoners on your opponents in most cases guarantees you will win a 2v2, either because you have better combat tools (heal, exhaust, ignite) or because you can Flash on them and CC them for a great engage they can't Flash out of. Basically, ...


Matchmaking Rating (ELO) and League Points

Besides the league system there’s another rating system which is usually unseen by the player. This is Matchmaking Rating (which used to be called ELO), and here’s how it affects you: If your Matchmaking Rating is higher than that of the players in our league, you’ll get more league points for winning and lose less for losing. If your Matchmaking Rating is lower than that of the players in your league, you’ll lose more points for losing and get less for winning. The Matchmaking Rating, not your position in the league, determines with whom and against whom you’ll play. In other words, Matchmaking Rating is your genuine rating, and it influences your position in the league, though it’s not directly connected with it. You can be rated higher than your league and play against players of a higher league than yours, and this will help you get out of your ...


Planning the Lane Phase

Planning the Lane Phase: an Introduction to Bot Lane Matchups Bottom lane matchups are the single most complex thing in League of Legends earlygame period. A 2v2 lane allows for a lot more different setups than a 1v1, and thus requires another level of thinking and planning pre-game to execute perfectly. In this article I will not cover every match up extensively, but rather provide you with some information and thoughts that will help you plan out your bot lane strategy the next time you play a ranked match. Power spikes The first concept we will cover is something you are probably familiar with if you enjoy reading about the game: powerspikes. To understand powerspikes, first you need to think about how every champion gains strength in League of Legends: by levelling up. However, not every champion gains the same power from every level up. A good first example are ...


Risk VS Reward

Lesson 1: Blue Side Momentum By Didier Lets start with Blue Side level 1, as the jungler you should be looking to invade their Gromp at 1:50. You want to place you and your team(top excluded) at the bush near bottom river. The idea behind this is most junglers start Gromp on blue side. What a textbook jungler should do is smite Gromp early for the benefit of the thornmail like-effect you receive from smiting it. This allows for the jungler’s to deal more damage per second and therefore clear faster. We are going to use this textbook red-side start to give you and your team an advantage! What will happen at 1:50 is you will use the “on my way” ping at Gromp and start walking to it. Remember your smite does 390 damage. A good way secure a buff or the said Gromp would be to combined an ...

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