Season 6 placements and simple tips on how to do better in solo queue

Season 6 recently started and even though a lot of you have already played their placements, there's high chance a decent portion of you hasn't done them yet. Even if you have, these tips should help you enhance your solo queue experience. First, let's talk placements. The first matches on your account have huge value. Let's say you were Bronze (1200 MMR) last season. Your MMR gets a soft reset each season - your current MMR + baseline MMR which is 1200 / 2. So if you were Bronze (1200 MMR), at the starting point of your placements you are literally where you started - 1200 + 1200 / 2 = 1200. From now on every game you play in your placements (and possibly some games after your placements) is of great importance to your MMR. If you are ‘X’ MMR, every win you get in your placements gives you ...


Mentalidad para subir de rango en el ladder

Antes de jugar, lo primero que tenemos que entender y aceptar es que no vamos a ganar todos los partidos. Una vez entendido esto tenemos que aprender que el truco para escalar en el ladder es ganar aquellos partidos que se supone que tenemos que ganar. ¿Qué significa esto? Significa aprender a no tirar partidas que estaban ganadas. Cuando estás por arriba del oponente, lo único que tenés que hacer es ponerte más arriba para poder ganar, y eso es sencillo, siempre y cuando sigas y utilices estas herramientas. Las herramientas para ello son las siguientes: - Saber utilizar al menos dos personajes en cada rol. En el caso de que quieras utilizar un solo personaje, aprender a usarlo en todos los roles, aunque esto no es muy recomendable - Consistencia. Seguir haciendo una cosa hasta aprender a hacerla bien. El hecho de que algo no nos funcione varias veces, ...


Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 2)

Jinx Laning phase: Jinx has a weak laning phase because she doesn’t have any skills that allow her to get out from trades or fights, she has 2 skills that in theory might keep her safe; Flame Chompers! “E” puts 3 traps on the ground, but the arm time is pretty long (0.7 sec) and people can easily react to it and jump over before the traps are armed, and the other skill is Zap! “W”, but it has a short delay of cast (not specified) and it’s not very efficient to use when retreating. Her “Q” Switcheroo! is a very good ability to harass opponents from long range; It has 2 stances , one is for short range and has increased Attack Speed, being really useful against melee Champions or Champions that are close, and the other one is for long range and it has splash damage. The ultimate ...


Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1)

Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1) The ADCarry role might be the easiest role in League of Legends someone can learn, but it’s the hardest role to master since it has a duo lane that he has to synergies with. In this article we will be talking about Top Marksmen of Season 5; Exposing the most important strengths and weaknesses that they have to offer. Caitlyn Laning phase: Caitlyn can easily control the lane by abusing her long range attacks and skills(Piltover Peacemaker “Q” , Ace in the Hole “R”) . She can use traps (Yordle Snap Trap “W”) to control certain areas of the lane and she has a backward dash with slow (90 Caliber Net “E”) which helps her to get away from bad trades, these abilities make her one of the best ADC in laning phase. She doesn’t have bad matchups since she can’t be outranged ...


Pressing advantages in the bottom lane

When playing bottom lane you need to be very aware of when you have an advantage on your opponents. A 2v2 makes it inherently easier to get the most out of being ahead. In this article we will look at four clearly distinct types of advantages in the bottom lane 2v2: summoner spell advantage, health advantage, gold advantage and item advantage. Level advantage has already been covered in a previous article ("Planning the Lane Phase"). Summoner spell advantage is an obvious one, you have this advantage when your summoners are up and your enemies aren't. How do you press a summoner spell advantage? Easy, by fighting. Having summoners on your opponents in most cases guarantees you will win a 2v2, either because you have better combat tools (heal, exhaust, ignite) or because you can Flash on them and CC them for a great engage they can't Flash out of. Basically, ...

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