More than 800 million hours of esports viewed on Twitch in the last 10 months

803.7 million hours of esports content was watched on the streaming platform Twitch in the past 10 months, according to research from the market intelligence company Newzoo. Of that amount, 231 million hours was rebroadcast content. Just over 71 percent of that content comes from tournament organizers, with League of Legends developer Riot Games and third-party organizer ESL accounting for a majority of that number. During that 10-month span, esports accounted for between 14 percent and 31 percent of the total hours watched on Twitch. The high point came in October 2015, when Riot Games League of Legends World Championship, a monthlong spectacle that brings together the best League of Legends teams from around the world to compete each year, and Dota 2 events ESL One New York and MLG World Finals accounted for 31 percent of the total hours of Twitch consumed. Esports' second-biggest month was August, which included ...


Apdo and the world of ELO Boosting

The glory of being a pro-gamer, a job that millions of kids dreamed of when they were growing up. I mean, what's cooler than playing a video game professionally? Not only the pay, but the overall experience — fans cheering you, people clamouring for your autograph like you're a celebrity, and playing in front of millions of people across the world. Today that fantasy is now a reality for teenagers growing up, watching their favourite professional players make a career out of doing what they love. What could be better? The thing that kids growing up don't see is the clock behind every player that they cheer on their television or computer screen. Being a pro-gamer is not like being a professional basketball player or football star. Outside of a select few, players aren't making millions a year playing the game. Even then, with all the money the top players ...


The Return of the NA veterans: Apex Gaming

10-man rosters in professional League of Legends can be tricky. On the surface, the premise seems ingenious. What could be better than having a million different combinations for your starting line-up to surprise the opposing team? You're playing against a team that is weak at lane swapping and has a suspect bottom lane? Put in your AD carry and support who play forward in the lane and can snowball the game through pure raw power. A starter is slumping? No problem. You have a player right behind him to take his place and push him to improve. That's not even mentioning the added bonus of having two separate five-man teams you can scrim against and bounce ideas off of. But like all great premises there are possible consequences. As great as a 10-man roster sounds on paper with the multiple line-ups and caveats, it doesn't always work when applied to ...


League of Legends Summer Split 2016: LCK Summer Split

It seems like just yesterday the sun had set on the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. Yet, the summer season has already started to dawn. With every new season comes a new set of expectations. Here are the three things you need to know before the split kicks off. South Korea is not just SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1 has finally claimed the MSI title to add to its already impressive collection of trophies. Despite a surprising start in the group stages, where the world was reminded South Korean teams are not always infallible, the team rallied to cinch six wins and one loss in the bracket stage with a 3-0 sweep over North America's Counter Logic Gaming in the finals. As South Korea's representative, the kings were able to reign once more. A reiterative point, maybe, but it certainly seems SK Telecom T1 has been the dominant force, taking not ...


League of Legends Summer Split 2016: EU LCS breakdown

If the European League Championship Series were a kingdom, it would be split into four. After one of the region's most successful years in 2015, with both Fnatic and Origen making the Riot World Championship semi-finals, the league was flourishing. The consensus was that the EU LCS was the second best region behind the all-powerful Summoner's Cup South Koreans. There were stars aplenty; and even with a few players leaving for higher wages over the waters in North America, it didn't deter the confidence of the top teams in Europe. Spring was a tenuous season for the Europeans. In the end, it was not one of the established clubs that won the championship and ticket to the Mid-Season Invitational, but a rookie organization in G2 Esports. The up-tempo (and sometimes heedless) offense of G2 led it to a regular season title and then a postseason crown. It went on to ...

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