G2 Esports win fourth consecutive EU LCS title against Misfits

  G2 Esports prepare to lift the trophy at the European League Championship Series summer finals. Provided by Riot Games The 2017 European League Championship Series summer split came to an end Sunday afternoon with G2 Esports, longtime kings of Europe, writing their names in the history books by smashing Misfits in a 3-0 victory during the EU LCS finals. With the win, G2 have earned themselves a fourth consecutive LCS title in the process. While the series might have been a historic one, that didn't make it a terribly exciting one. You could be forgiven for thinking that only a single team took to the stage today, because whatever fire allowed Misfits to take down Fnatic in the semifinals had long since died by the time they faced G2 Esports. Misfits struggled from awkward drafts and questionable early/mid game decisions that simply put them in too deep a hole against ...


Team SoloMid reaches finals after win over Team Dignitas in NA LCS

  Team SoloMid is on to yet another North American League of Legends Championship Series grand final following its 3-1 victory against Team Dignitas on Sunday in Los Angeles. Provided by Riot Games   Team SoloMid secured its spot in the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split final on Sunday when it took down Team Dignitas 3-1 during the Summer Split semifinals in Los Angeles. Although Team SoloMid looked fantastic, its opponent, Team Dignitas, seemed to have regressed from the historic high of upsetting Cloud9 last weekend. That series was characterized by some of the most bold and aggressive play we've seen this summer by Dignitas. Unfortunately, Team Dignitas traded in the boldness that got it this far for an unfortunate slice of timidity over the intervening week, as it seemed to all but turn its back on the strategies that managed to get the team to this ...


Longzhu destroy SKT in LCK finals

    Longzhu Gaming poses after a game at League Champions Korea. by Yong Woo "kenzi" Kim   Longzhu Gaming once again did the unthinkable, destroying SKT T1 in a 3-1 series win to claim first place in the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea. Few, if any, picked Longzhu to come away with a win. Many even expected the renowned SKT to easily handle Longzhu in a 3-0 clean sweep. But the fact is that Longzhu walked into this series as the No. 1 seed and certainly played like it, beating SKT in a way that we have never seen in an LCK final. Not only has SKT never lost in the four previous LCK final series that it appeared in, but it only lost a single round across those four series. For SKT to have gotten taken down in the fashion ...


How to have free LoL skins: amazingly easy!

How to have free LoL skins: amazingly easy! With the recent chest system, Riot gives the chance to all players to get all the skins in League of Legends without spending any money at all. Unfortunately that takes a lot of time and luck, therefore we will show you how to get permanent skins right now in a fast and easy way. Please, for your own safety, be aware of sites that offer free skins, because the ones in the following list are the only ones that you can get for free instantly. Sites that promise you otherwise are most probably trying to scam you and you should be careful. We will explain how to get these free league of legends skins ! Here is the skin list you can get now: . Riot Girl Tristana . Unchained Alistar . Dreadnight Garen . Grey Warwick . Medieval Twitch . Triumphant ...


H2k's Jankos: 'It offended [FORG1VEN] that he was losing to Rekkles and to Niels'

When it comes to the highest levels of competitive League of Legends, H2k-Gaming's players are among the most expressive when they're up on stage. It doesn't take long to notice either Yoo "Ryu" Sang-wook or Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski loudly calling the shots, which was evident during H2k's showdown with Fnatic this week; the pair was clearly audible, despite a raucous Fnatic-heavy crowd. By the end of the day, H2k defied the crowd's wishes and huddled triumphantly - a sight that's become more and more common, with the "H2What? H2k!" chants becoming audible at the end of the match, albeit from the farthest seats in the arena. Had H2k made the wrong calls that day, the outcome would have been different. For Jankos, shotcalling is no simple process, despite his experience throughout the years. No matter the jersey he wears, or the teammates he has, he has been distinctively loud and ...

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