season 4 Preseason

Hey all, We’re making some changes to the League system. While we received a lot of positive feedback regarding leagues, there are a few key areas we felt could use improvement. Clarity surrounding LP gains (why am I getting so little LP per win?) Players having less motivation to win games when they hit division V and becoming more toxic (due to immunity from ever falling from a tier) Challenger currently represents too small of a group of players in solo duo. These changes are hitting the PBE now and will be live next week after the end of Season 3: Clarity of progression is a major point of feedback we wanted to act on, so we’re removing clamping completely for anyone below Diamond I Players should no longer see tiny LP gains except in extreme edge cases or at the top of Diamond I. The small LP gains are ...


Patch 3.12 Notes

Important note on 3rd party apps! Due to some of the changes made this patch, using 3rd party applications has a higher risk of crashing your game. If your game is crashing, please try updating or uninstalling any applications you use alongside League of Legends. Now back to our regularly scheduled patch note programming… General We took Sight and Vision Wards into the shop for a model and texture update. The new wards function in exactly the same way as before, but look much prettier We've also revamped ranged minion attack particles. The new particles have trails that show the direction they're traveling in, giving players more information when quickly looking for minion aggro indicators Skillshots Context: Skillshot missiles fired from brush or the fog of war sometimes don't register on the receiving player's screen until they've landed, leading to sad and bewildered champions. This fix ensures missiles are registered ...


Jinx, the Loose Cannon Spotlight - League of Legends

And she doesn't wear very much After a brief tease earlier this week, Riot has revealed Jinx, the Loose Cannon, as the next League of Legends champion. To no one's surprise, she's a hard carry and doesn't wear a whole lot. We already know she's a criminal and absolutely nuts, causing all sorts of problems for Vi in Piltover. Well, now we also know for certain that Jinx likes using heavy weapons and explosives, and she enters the Fields of Justice with "a massive death launcher" and a pretty good supply of grenades. They're probably not the cute kind that Ziggs has, either. She has a crazy-looking kit, at first glance. Jinx's basic attacks cost mana, so a Tear sounds like a good way to go. She also has two slows that allow for quick escapes (rather than a dash like so many other carries). Here's a full rundown of ...


League of legends : Season 4 changes

Powercreep, Jungling, Wards & Support play Morello: Mobility Creep has occurred, but I think this is spoken about as the problem as opposed to a symptom. The problem, in this case, is where we had champions not giving up anything when they contained mobility. This was especially rampant in 2011, but the problem is rarely the mobility itself and more the underlying design problems that lead to problematic mobility. One example is how Vi’s ultimate was talked about a lot as "mobility creep." I think the real problems occur there when there’s no meaningful recourse to that move, her being able to move far is fine – provided than when she does, you have actions that make sense to deal with her. Some of this is the CC immunity, some of this is her raw brawling power when she gets there. If some cost is paid, actually or strategically, then ...


Comment carry son elo !

Quelle est la différence entre un elo booster et les autres joueurs en général ? Le elo booster à comprit très tôt que malgré que le jeu soit un travail d’équipe théoriquement, il devra être capable de faire la différence seul lorsque toute son équipe est clairement en dessous de la team adverse. Malheureusement un excellent booster ne peut pas carry toutes les games, on assimile un booster à un ratio de 80% de victoires et je ne parle pas du bronze / argent ou le ratio doit se rapproché du 90% voire 100%. Maintenant, j’ai beaucoup de joueurs qui ne comprennent pas la différence entre faire une bonne game et carry celle-ci. La différence se situe dans la capacité à prendre des risques « contrôlés » en early game pour prendre des skills early et donc pouvoir snow ball sa lane de façon à pouvoir roam rapidement et aider ...

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