Patch 8.2 Champion Tier List

  We know it’s hard to climb the rank ladder and every insight is relevant. The champions featured below at the ones that are more adapted to the current meta.   S Tier   TOP Gangplank Camille Nasus   JUNGLER Sejuani Kha’Zix Warwick Shyvana   MID Azir Katarina Aurelion Sol   ADC Kog’Maw Twitch   SUPPORT Taric Alistar Janna   A Tier   TOP Jayce Riven Sion Singed Illaoi Jax Cho’Gath   JUNGLER Shaco Nidalee Rengar Evelynn Rammus Udyr Xin Zhao Jarvan IV   MID Zoe Twisted Fate Anivia Oriana Talliyah Veigar Zilean Xerath Malzahar   ADC Xayah Varus Miss Fortune Tristana Jinx   SUPPORT Bard Thresh Lulu Braum Nami Brand Soraka Sona Blitzcrank


Fantasy League PowerRank – Week 1

TOP Wunder (G2) – 47.50 Cabochard (Vitality) – 42.94 Licorice (C9) – 39.86 Alphari (Misfits) – 39.29 Impact (Liquid) – 35.73     JUNGLER Xmithie (Liquid) – 39.14 Svenskeren (C9) – 38.40 Jankos (G2) – 36.09 Gilius (Vitality) – 34.82 Dardoch (Echo Fox) – 32.70     MID Jiizuke (Vitality) – 52.80 Jensen (C9) – 48.00 Perkz (G2) – 46.84 Sencux (Misfits) – 37.85 Pobelter (Liquid) – 36.71     ADC Hjarnan (G2) – 48.26 Minitroupax (Vitality) – 46.31 Doublelift (Liquid) – 45.17 Cody Sun (100 Thieves) – 43.76 Hans Sama (Misfits) – 41.88     SUPPORT Olleh (Liquid) – 38.52 Smoothie (C9) – 37.53 Adrian (Echo Fox) – 32.53 Mikyx (Misfits) – 31.66 Vander (Schalke) – 31.66


NA LCS Spring Split – Week 1

Team Liquid 1 - OpTic Gaming 0 Team Liquid's new roster finished off its first week of play with a surprisingly hard-fought victory over OpTic Gaming to begin Week 1, Day 2 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split in Los Angeles. Right from the get-go, it was clear that Team Liquid was looking for a repeat of its previous success against Team SoloMid. Forgoing the late-game staples of the current metagame, Liquid instead drafted the lane bullies of Kalista for AD carry Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng and Gnar for top laner Jun "Impact" Eon-yeong, as well as the early roaming presence of Malzahar for mid laner Eugene "Pobelter" Park. If Liquid's plan was to snowball the game from an early stage, though, then it certainly failed at that. Liquid's early objective control was on point, nabbing the first dragon and first turret, but the early kills ...


EULCS Spring Split – Week 1

Vitality 1 - Giants Gaming 0 Vitality kept its composure in a comeback victory over Giants Gaming to open Saturday's action in the European League of Legends Championship Series. Giants came out the gate with an explosive opening to take an early lead. Focusing on the mid lane, the team had a 5-to-0 lead in kills and three towers before 20 minutes, but Vitality proved that it's truly not how you start but how you finish. Even with Giants picking up the first Baron, Vitality simply bided its time until it could start to chip away at the lead through some key teamfight victories. Those teamfight victories came as part of Vitality's ultimate game plan that finally manifested itself into reality and started pushing Vitality towards the finish line. Mid laner Daniele "Jiizuké" di Mauro's Azir and AD carry Amadeu "Minitroupax" Carvalho's Caitlyn scaled incredibly well as the game progressed, ...


Season 7 Rewards: How to Get Them

    Victorious Graves Skin Art – Provided by Riot Games  With the current season ending 7th November, it’s time for you to get the rank you need to get the rewards you deserve. Check our website to get your rewards   RANKED REWARDS  Bronze: Profile Insignia               Summoner Icon  Silver: Profile Insignia             Summoner Icon             Loading Screen Border             Victorious Ward Skin*  Gold/Platinum/Diamond: Profile Insignia                                            Summoner Icon                                            Loading Screen Border                                            Victorious Ward Skin*                                            Victorious Graves Skin**   * Victorious Ward Skin – To get this reward, you have to be Silver V or higher in at least 2 out of the 3 ranked modes (Solo/Duo, Flex 5v5, Flex 3v3). **Victorious Graves Skin – For each ranked mode (Solo/Duo, Flex 5v5 and Flex 3v3) you get at least Gold V, an exclusive Victorious Graves Chroma will be added to your inventory.   HONOR REWARDS Reaching Honor ...

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