What Is Elo Boosting? Elo Boost/Eloboosting Definition

What Is Elo Boosting? Elo Boost/Eloboosting Definition An Elo boost is the act of increasing the ranking on an individuals account. This is usually done by letting someone else (the elobooster) win games on it. In most cases, ranked elo boosting is a paid service; due to the time taken and skill required to boost LoL accounts. We believe our prices are fair and reflect the time taken and overral skill required to boost LoL accounts efficiently and frequently. However we have seen a few individuals offer eloboosting free of charge, these individuals and services are most likely a scam and we urge you to not give your account information to them! To make sure you're in the best possible hands, we recommend you order through our site at: This way you know you're not only going to be getting great security, but also great service! Like The Sound ...


LoL Tier List 8.16, From A Challenger Elo Boosters Perspective:

LoL Tier List 8.16, From A Challenger Elo Boosters Perspective: This tier list is combined with analytical data and a challenger elo boosters perspective on what is currently strong in League of Legends (LOL) competitive play. We at lol-eloboosting understand adapting to the meta can sometimes be hard. Knowing the strongest champions not only gives you a good idea of what to ban, but also an idea of what champions you should currently be playing in soloq. We recommend trying the champions listed below, before diving straight into ranked solo/duo or flex queue with them. These champions are considered strong, however will require some playime to get a general feel for the champion. Please Note: Some of the champions we recommend may not be applicable for lower elo players due to the mechanical skill needed to play. -------------------------------------------------------------- Our Top Picks: Top: Garen, Gangplank, Darius, Akali Jungle: Graves, Evelyn, Camille, ...


The end of the SK Telecom TI dominance?

It is no longer a "slow start" for SK Telecom T1 with three games remaining in the regular schedule of the spring split. At a record of 6-9 and needing to win out to get to .500, SKT has already guaranteed itself the worst season in team history, spanning all the way back to the organization's entrance into League of Legends in late 2012. This is not the first time SKT's dominance has been questioned. Back in 2014, the defending world championship roster failed to even make it back to worlds, which were being held in the team's home country of South Korea, with SKT falling in the regionals and blowing up the roster not too long after. Last year, the team went on an eight-game losing skid before turning it around at the climax of the summer domestic season to make a heroic run to the final, before falling ...


Patch 8.5 Champion Tier List

We know it’s hard to climb the rank ladder and every insight is relevant. The champions featured below at the ones that are more adapted to the current meta.   S Tier   TOP CamilleSion Singed   JUNGLER Shaco Warwick Volibear   MID Zilean Cassiopeia Anivia Fizz   ADC Xayah   SUPPORT Nami Lulu Janna Soraka A Tier   TOP Fiora Kled Darius Maokai Aatrox Teemo Volibear   JUNGLER Nidalee Rek’Sai Evelynn Kha’Zix Skarner Rammus Udyr Nunu MID Aurelion Sol Twisted Fate Ekko Vel’Koz Ahri Veigar   ADC Draven Vayne Ezreal Varus Jinx Twitch Tristana Caitlyn   SUPPORT Bard Rakan Zilean Alistar Taric Blitzcrank Sona Brand


Faker and SKT’s Spring Split Disaster

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok does not look any different than most 21-year-olds -- glasses, a simple smile on his face, a quiet demeanor -- but he certainly isn't treated like one. Outside of an interview room at the League of Legends All-Stars event last summer in Los Angeles, reporters from around the world gathered around a clear glass window on the door, craning to sneak a picture or trying for an interview of their own. Most players can get by with a simple wave to the fans or a few autographs, but not Faker. Wherever he goes, a posse follows, whispers his laundry list of nicknames spouted behind him ("God," "Unkillable Demon King" to name just a few) as media and fans alike want to get a few moments of his attention. "Of course, it does work to me as some sort of burden," Faker said. "But I try really hard ...

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