H2K back from the ashes, as Vitality go 0-2 in EULCS Week 5

Unicorns of Love 1 - Giants Gaming 0

Unicorns of Love pulled off a strong upset over Giants Gaming to kick off Saturday's slate of games in the 2018 European League Championship Series Spring Split.

Coming into the game, it seemed almost inevitable that Giants Gaming (5-5) would win, simply given both team's game records and respective performances. With Unicorns of Love (2-8) sitting at the bottom of the standings without any close games in recent weeks, all GIA had to do was play calm and collected to secure a victory.

Starting off strong, Unicorns was able to react to an invade by setting up one of its own, resulting in three quick kills and double buffs to AD carry Samuel "Samux" Fernández Fort on Ezreal. Despite being known for a poor early game, the team had no trouble eliminating this historic speed bump. Once ahead, the team showed signs of life that it had not been able to display this split.

Teamfights continued to erupt and Unicorns played to the team's strengths, taking sustained fights and using crowd control to eliminate damage threats. Giants became antsy trying to stop a Baron attempt and failed to coordinate a Baron stop. With the buff going to Unicorns, a final teamfight to closed out the game in 33 minutes to claim its second victory of the split.


H2k Gaming 1 - Vitality 0

H2K dismantled Vitality with ease in the second match of Saturday's action in the 2018 European League Championship Series Spring Split in Berlin.

From the very start, H2k (3-7) didn't look like a struggling, bottom-of-the-league squad, picking up early kills and never slowing down. By capitalizing on the mistakes of Vitality's (7-3) jungler, Erberk "Gilius" Demir on Jax, H2k picked up early kills and gain full control over the map. There were times where H2k tried too hard to force fights, but Vitality could never capitalize on this. Indeed, Vitality seemed content with hoping that mid lane star Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro would carry the team as Ryze, but the Italian Stallion couldn't get the job done against a surging H2k team. In the victory, H2K's newest addition in the jungle, Ilyas "Shook" Hartsema, had an impressive performance on Jarvan IV, participating in all of his team's kills and single-handedly controlling objectives to give H2k a sizable lead.

With H2k playing out of its mind, utilizing its new roster to full effect, Vitality seemed unsure of how to respond. Playing extremely defensively, Vitality was unwilling to take risks to mount a comeback. As H2k moved around the map methodically, Vitality was content to turtle up in its base, waiting for H2k to make a mistake. That mistake came when H2k forced its hand too hard, allowing Vitalityto ace the team during a base defense, but Vitality couldn't pull things together in time, allowing H2k to regroup and force a final fight to close out the game.


ROCCAT 1 - FC Schalke 0

ROCCAT convincingly defeated FC Schalke 04 in the third match of Saturday's action in the 2018 European League Championship Series Spring Split in Berlin.

The contest between S04 and ROC (5-5) quickly became one team focusing on kills while the other team focused on objectives. With a Cho'Gath for top lane Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamas, S04 (4-6) had no problem securing objectives with massive amounts of true damage. On the other side of the Rift, ROCCAT grouped to force teamfights and quickly found kills in response to these objectives, hoping to mitigate them before they became an issue.

S04's strategy of focusing on objectives seemed to be sound, with a late-game composition poised to benefit greatly from scaling buffs. Unfortunately, ROCCAT recognized this strategy and quickly turned the pace of the game up. Pulling the trigger without hesitation, S04 had no time to respond to teamfights, allowing small mistakes to turn into snowballs for ROCCAT. Although the team delayed things long enough to secure a second Baron and Elder Dragon, the effort simply wasn't enough, allowing ROCCATto close out the game while holding S04 to just two kills compared to the 11 of ROC.


G2 Esports 1 - Misfits 0

The defending European League of Legends Championship Series champions of G2 Esports finished off Week 5 with a 2-0 record with a quick stomp against Misfits Gaming on Saturday.

Much like the first matchup earlier in the split, Misfits Gaming (5-5) tried to focus on the bottom lane. While the plan worked out alright for Misfits in the beginning, its team composition struggled to find the picks necessary to snowball its way to victory. Misfits's had a gold lead but whenever it tried to group and push for objectives, G2 (7-3) was ready and waiting to shut Misfits down with a teamfight. Soon, Misfits' poor shot calls to skirmish in the mid game quickly evaporated any sort of lead it built.

The teamfight-oriented composition from G2 easily tore through MSF in the first major teamfight. Any time that Misfits tried to engage, G2 quickly clapped back, winning the kill trade and securing objectives to quickly run up a gold lead of its own. It didn't take long for G2 to keep snowballing this lead into a victory, with a Baron power play leaving Misfits' base ripe for destruction. The final teamfight was a 4-for-0 stomp that gave G2 plenty of time to push its winstreak against Misfits to seven games and secure a first-place tie in the EU LCS.


Fnatic 1 - Splyce 0

Fnatic survived a furious push from Splyce to win its fifth straight game in the European League of Legends Championship Series on Saturday.

From the jump, Fnatic (7-3) looked to be in complete control of the game. It all started when top laner Paul "sOAZ" Boyer's Ornn picked up two kills on Splyce top laner Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu's Cho'Gath in what should have been a winning matchup for Odoamne. Fnatic didn't let up the pressure, as star AD carry Martin "Rekkles" Larsson started picking up a kill with his Ezreal in the bottom lane. For all the good that Fnatic did, however, Splyce (5-5) wasn't content to just give up the win for free.

Once the mid-game hit, Splyce started to focus down Odoamne at just about every turn to stall the game. This worked well enough for Splyce to actually secure a Baron and threaten to get the wheels on the comeback train moving with full force. Unfortunately for Splyce, it simply seemed unable to do anything with the powerful buff, allowing Fnatic to set up for one last push in the final moments of the game. Fnatic secured a pick onto the Azir of Splyce mid laner Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer and that was all she wrote. Splyce tried its best to prevent its demise, picking up a kill in the final fight, but that was nowhere near enough to stop Fnatic from taking the 43-minute win.

Fnatic's win now puts it into a three-way tie with G2 Esports and Vitality at the top of the EU LCS standings. Many had doubted Fnatic early in the season, but these doubts have been put to rest over the last three weeks with a strong run of decisive wins. Meanwhile, Splyce is continuing to struggle along, with this being its fifth straight 1-1 week.

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